Giants’ Brandon Marshall intends to retire in two years

The clock is officially ticking for Brandon Marshall.

The Giants wide receiver on Saturday revealed he intends to play just two more years before retiring from football.

“It’s two years,” Marshall said at the Health and Fitness Expo at MetLife Stadium, via “I just decided that last week. Two years, get my Super Bowl, have a little bit more fun, and then change the world in the mental health space.”

Still, Charles holds no ill will against the Chiefs, despite signing with division rival Denver on Tuesday.

“I won’t be against Kansas City,” he said. “That sounds crazy, man. I would never be against Kansas City, because at the end of the day, they gave me my chance here. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to show them what I can do. Right here was my first opportunity, my first dream to play in the NFL and everything started here. I wish I could have finished out, but God had a different plan for me, and I’m just excited for the next chapter.”

“I definitely think we have a team that’s going to be in position to win a Super Bowl,” Marshall said. “It’s extremely hard to win a Super Bowl. I’ve been in the league for 12 seasons now on some really good football teams, some really great organizations, and I haven’t been to the playoffs. That tells you how hard it is to make the Super Bowl. So I don’t throw that around lightly.”

Marshall, 33, had his best season in 2015 during his first year with the Jets, with 109 catches for 1,502 yards and a league-leading 14 touchdown receptions. He then logged 59 catches, the lowest since his rookie season, for 788 yards and three scores last season. Still, the 11-year veteran’s 168 receptions were 63 more than any other Jets receiver over that span.


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NFL Draft 2017: No arrests made, Philadelphia police say

How important is it for Alberto to come across as charismatic and competent on camera when discussing NFL rules like Dean and you were, and is he capable of that?

Pereira: It’s huge. I think it remains to be seen a little bit (on Riveron). I mean, I haven’t seen a lot of Al in a public environment where he’s speaking to group or media. But you have to think that the league knows it’s very important.

I hope the league does with him a little bit like what they did with me, which was to give him some media training. I remember them putting me in an office with some media people from a media training group from Dallas and simulating interviews and stuff like that. It was very worthwhile.

Game Mens Randall Cunningham Jersey A police spokesman told the Inquirer that in addition to zero arrests, there wasn’t even a single citation issued over the weekend in relation to the draft. According to the report, last year’s draft in Chicago resulted in 17 arrests for protesting various issues and blocking traffic.

Mens Javon Hargrave Jersey The only apparent disruption in Philadelphia came from former Cowboys wide receiver Drew Pearson, who trolled Eagles fans by announcing Dallas’ second-round selection on behalf of the five-time world champions to a chorus of boos from the crowd.

Malik McDowell is ready to wreck havoc in the NFL with the Seahawks

Update: The Seahawks grabbed McDowell with the 35th pick.

Malik McDowell is a very interesting prospect if for no other reason than — and this happens sometimes when you’re breaking down a guy’s film — it was apparent a game or two into watching his tape that he was playing out of position at Michigan State. Which isn’t an excuse, it just … is. You don’t normally put a guy who is 6’6, almost 300 pounds and with arms that are almost 35 inches long inside.

It would be a waste, because it’s hard for a guy that size to stay low, it’s hard for him to hold up against double teams inside where everything happens faster, it’s hard for him get those long ass arms into full extension on guards who are much closer to the line of scrimmage than, say, offensive tackles.

And of course, there are the players themselves who have called each other out on the podium.
Authentic Kids Michael Griffin Jersey
Jimmy Butler blasted Celtics’ guard Marcus Smart, questioning his toughness, while Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley publicly took shots at each other after the Rockets eliminated the Thunder on Tuesday.

Authentic Kids Donte Moncrief Jersey Thomas dropped 53 points during a playoff game in The Garden. He’s not a Boston Celtics point guard anymore; he’s a legend now.

In his 53, the most points scored in the playoffs since 2003, he scored 20 points in the fourth quarter alone as Boston soared back to force overtime. In the extra period, he dropped nine more. With each shot he hit, it felt increasingly like we were watching something truly special. When he did all that and carried the team to a 129-119 win to go up 2-0 in a second-round playoff series, it immortalized this moment.

Tyronn Lue says the hardest part about coaching the Cavs is dealing with the media

Tyronn Lue called coaching the Cleveland Cavaliers the hardest job, by far.
Mens Danny Gare Jersey
Even with a roster that has tapped its payroll to feature the best basketball player on the planet and two additional All-Stars, Lue conceded he faces issues no other coach in the league has to deal with on ESPN’s NBA Lockdown Podcast.

Many of those challenges, he said, come from learning to ignore the outside noise. Lue said he understands now that reporters have jobs to do: They have to write a story or sell a book. He gets it.

But it’s just, I don’t like it when they make stuff up, he said. If I didn’t do a good job or I didn’t do something [correctly], then I understand that. That’s your job. You got to write it. But when you make stuff up, that’s the part that I don’t get that kind of makes me mad.
Mens Chris Gragg Jersey
Lue received public scrutiny for his decisions to rest LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love at multiple points throughout the season. He also chose to sit Irving and Love during the Cavaliers’ 26-point comeback in Game 3 of their first-round series against the Indiana Pacers, a move that wasn’t received well by several news outlets, according to ESPN.

Kennard put up better numbers in the pick-and-roll than anyone in this draft as a sophomore at Duke. He’s a lights-out shooter with good size for an off-guard at 6’6. As long as he can hold his own defensively, he should have a long career.

I can’t stop watching this young Celtics fan eat a pretzel in slow motion

The stakes couldn’t be higher in the second round of the NBA playoff for the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics. In just one game, someone lost a tooth and these teams have a history of beefing (remember when Jae Crowder booped John Wall in the nose during a confrontation?).

If you’re a fan attending a game in this series, you probably understand how important these games are. Or you could be this young fan eating his pretzel like nothing else matters.

Remember when you were a kid and your parents finally decided to give in and buy you that awesome gift or a Happy Meal? That’s what this Celtics fan was feeling as he took a bite out of the pretzel. His parent probably told him that he would get a pretzel if he behaved well during the first half, and now he’s basking in the salted reward.

Who cares if he’s directly behind Greg Anthony and Ian Eagle providing commentary? You do not interrupt pretzel time.

The elation that comes from finally getting what you want merits a slow motion form of enjoyment. It might be kid logic, but I dare you to try it out yourself the next time you decide to reward yourself with a snack. This kid is living his best life.

Adding Williams naturally changes the personnel of this series, but it also changes the fact that the Rockets often played the Spurs’ brand of basketball in these regular season games because their three point shooting was flat against the I-10 rivals.

Houston shot a disappointing 29.2 percent from three against the Spurs this season. That’s six points below the Rockets rate on the season. They did manage to get up 38.5 threes on average in these four games, which is only two below the season average.

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6 things we already know about the 2017 NFL schedule before its official release Thursday

The NFL will release the full 2017 schedule on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET with the annual primetime special. It’s kinda of an exciting moment for fans. Since the 2016 season ended, we’ve all been waiting to find out how the 2017 would take shape, and that moment is nearly here.
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Perhaps you live out of state, but you’re planning a pilgrimage to see your team play at home this season. Maybe you want to know when your team will face off against division rivals, because those are can’t-miss games. Whatever the reason, we’re all excited to know the actual NFL schedule for the coming season.

But until that moment comes on Thursday at 8 p.m. with a live announcement on NFL Network, we can at least pencil in some things based on what we already know.

Limited Larry Warford Jersey It’s hard to pass up on a wide receiver talent like Ross, who has a complete skill set that’s going to translate well at the next level.

Ross had speed that would have made the late great Al Davis trade up as soon as the time was displayed on stopwatches in Indianapolis. Ross’s 4.22 time ended up being one of the biggest storylines of the combine, and how could it not?

Chris Johnson had previously set the record back in 2008 with a 4.24. It was thought to be so unbreakable, that Adidas offered a player his own island if he were able to break the record.

Chryst found a spot for him on the Badgers’ roster, and after sitting out the 2015 season due to NCAA transfer rules, he was named the team’s starting left tackle before 2016’s spring practices could even begin. One year working in front of Bart Houston and Alex Hornibrook made him one of the NFL Draft’s hottest line prospects.

Saints superfan Jarrius Robertson missed announcing team’s pick to have long-awaited liver transplant

Authentic Rene Robert Jersey New Orleans Saints superfan Jarrius Robertson was supposed to announce the team’s third-round draft pick in Philadelphia. That changed, when Robertson was finally receiving his liver transplant back home on Saturday.

Robertson has biliary atresia, which is a chronic liver disease that affects his growth. The 15-year-old has been in and out of the hospital ever since he had a liver transplant when he was just a year old.

The young man has had plenty of memories and great times, and now, the one day they’ve waited for the longest has arrived.

Authentic Charles Mann Jersey As a father and a parent, I prayed for this day, that this day would come, his father said. So I need everyone to lift us up in prayer, to fight with us, to pray with us and to stick by us.

Positional players have been turned into punters before (hello, Marquette King) so there’s no reason Peppers can’t line up and send out a booming punt.

The best part about Peppers punting would be that teams would be able to have an extra defender, as opposed to the punter just trying to get out of the way. There would be nothing cooler than Peppers sending off a deep punt, only to stop the returner in his tracks.

Thanks to guys like King, Pat McAfee, and Brad Wing, NFL punters are becoming a more fun breed. With McAfee’s recent retirement, Peppers can slide on in and take his place as the latest trash-talking punter.

Peppers is a very talented player who can do what is asked of him. Would we like to see him play every position on the field? Absolutely. Is it realistic? Nope.

But it’s fun to dream.

Jamal Adams won 2 NFL draft bets on himself for at least $40 thousand and a vacation

Jamal Adams NFL dreams coming true is only the first of the notable milestones that the New York Jets safety grabbed last night.

The second has to do with a bet he made with friend and fellow draft eligible DB, Jalen Tabor.

Kids Frank Clark Jersey Wilson and Tabor made a wager back in high school that whoever went first in the NFL Draft would earn an all-expenses-paid vacation on the others dime.

Cousins signed the franchise tag with Washington for a second consecutive year this offseason. The team placed the exclusive tag on Cousins in February, meaning hell earn nearly $24 million in 2017.

The Washington Posts Mike Jones reports that nothing has changed with regards to Cousins.

Kids Dwight Clark Jersey It was believed that Cousins would be staying in Washington, but with Cleveland in hot pursuit during the draft, things could be changing here in late April.

Later in the evening, Cleveland.coms Mary Kay Cabot gave Browns GM Sashi Browns opinion on the matter. Or lack thereof.

As for the #NFLNetwork report that the #Browns tried to trade for Kirk Cousins, Sashi Browns said,bad reporting

The Browns had one of the worst quarterback situations in the NFL during the 2016 season, with Cody Kessler, Josh McCown, and Robert Griffin III all getting starts at the position. Charlie Whitehurst, Kevin Hogan, and Terrelle Pryor all also took snaps for the Browns.

Paul tried getting his teammates involved from there.

Chicago is hurting at tight end, literally, as top receiving option Zach Miller is coming off a Lisfranc injury to his right foot. He also turns 33 in October. The Bears need to find their next Martellus Bennett, a well-rounded tight end for the long term.

Ashland’s Adam Shaheen might be in play at No. 36, but No. 67 makes more sense to go after that player. That’s also the Day 2 wheelhouse of Michigan’s Jake Butt, who’s a bit of a combination of the best attributes of Miller and Bennett.

I don’t know about the Wizards. I don’t know about the Hawks. I truly believe Washington’s better, but that West Coast trip seemed to mess them up just a bit. Atlanta is so hot and cold, and almost certainly not healthy. John Wall and Bradley Beal feel a little magical right now, so let’s ride with Wizards in 7.

Jazz vs. Clippers is going to be brutal. Utah’s defense is spectacular, but Chris Paul is a genius who tortures big men on the pick and roll. The Jazz move the ball so well but lack release-valve isolation scorers (Joe Johnson excepted). DeAndre Jordan isn’t as stout defensively as Rudy Gobert, but he gets the job done. This series should go all seven. L.A.’s playoff experience matters and should win the day.

Paul tried getting his teammates involved from there. He drove and kicked it out to Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, who missed. Paul then created for Jamal Crawford, who missed his three as well. Paul tried again to use his teammates and passed it to Griffin for a wide-open three. He also missed.

So with the Clippers down two with 18 seconds left, Paul took matters into his own hands again. He dribbled, dribbled, dribbled, looked for an open teammate, and then dribbled around again until he was able to get into the paint and hit a floating, off-balance bank shot to tie the game.

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Lets thank the NBA for another amazing season

Eighty-two games, 30 times over, have come and gone again. The National Basketball Association is consistent like that. It ticks on and on, each passing season presenting new challenges and stars, and different storylines and controversies.

Griffith is involved in one of the biggest missed field goals in football history, the Kick Six. It was his toe that met leather in 2013, sending the ball into the hands of Auburns Chris Davis. The play that nearly sent Bama to another SEC Championship instead broke the Tides national title streak.

Juan Samuel Kids Jersey You can see him getting up off the turf after being de-cleated by an Auburn blocker as Davis runs to score.

Adam Foote Kids Jersey Griffith had been brought off the bench in relief. He had only kicked three field goals all season, but a lackluster kicking effort by Cade Foster (0-3 on the day) forced Nick Saban to make a change with the game on the line and one second left on the clock.

Personally, I didn’t kick that kick very well,Griffith said.It wasn’t a good kick. I got under it. It was my first kick in the whole game, so it was a little different. But I don’t care what people say or think about me.
He struggled in 2014 and early in 2015, but then turned things around.
Griffith missed his first four field goals that season, and he described dealing with some boo birds at Bryant-Denny Stadium.

But he righted the ship and missed only four for the rest of the season. He hit a 55-yarder against LSU and went 5 for 5 against Auburn, including being solely responsible for the Tides 12 halftime points.