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Elite Jonathan Casillas Jersey Lou Brock has never been in a race he couldn’t win, and the Cardinals Hall of Famer has just won his race against cancer.

After being diagnosed with multiple myeloma in April, Brock revealed Saturday to the St. Louis Post Dispatch that doctors have informed him that he is 100 percent cancer-free.

I consider this a miracle happening — that it would reverse itself this quickly, he said. It was an uphill struggle but we won it. The quest … is not to let it come back.

Brock, 78, broke the all-time steals record in August 1977. He finished his career with 938 stolen bases and held the record for eight years before Ricky Henderson broke it in 1986.

MLB has been working Statcast into everything: highlight reels, social network posts, in-game content, smoke signals, carrier pigeons, hieroglyphics and so forth. The good thing is that the Statcast initiative hasn’t felt forced or overbearing, because MLB is inching it along as opposed to jamming it down viewers’ throats.

This year, sprint speed and catch probability have been the new stats on the block; MLBN has included them when necessary and naturally — always powered by AWS, mind you — without dominating telecasts. Purinton believes that strategy has helped create an effective approach to MLB Network broadcasts.

When [fans] see a fantastic catch, they want to know what the catch probability was on that, he said. As you push that information into a telecast, it slowly starts to become accepted, and that kind of goes for all the analytical data.