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The Warriors ramped up the arms race with the Cavaliers when they recruited All- Star Kevin Durant in the off-season

LEBRON James likes Andrew Bogut’s will to win, the depth he will add to the already loaded Cleveland Cavaliers’ roster and the potential to reveal inside knowledge about their great rivals, the Golden State Warriors.

But James is not popping champagne corks to celebrate the Cavaliers’ move to sign Bogut and point guard Deron Williams.

The Warriors ramped up the arms race with the Cavaliers when they recruited All- Star Kevin Durant in the off-season, with Bogut being offloaded to the Mavericks to make salary space.

The Cavaliers added Atlanta Hawks three-point specialist Kyle Korver, but suffered injuries to starters Kevin Love and JR Smith.

When Love and Smith return in several weeks the Cavaliers will face the problem of delivering playing time to a roster that is talented and experienced all the way down to the 15th spot.

“The biggest thing is just trying to get everyone to mesh together,” Lue said.

Bogut, 32, spent four years at the Warriors, including winning the 2014/15 championship.

“We’ll see,” James, said when asked if Bogut could deliver inside knowledge of the Warriors.

“Boges can probably give us something, but at the end of the day we have played them enough that we know what they run.”

“Since Bogut is slated to become an unrestricted free agent this summer, he is viewing this final stretch as a way to both audition and hopefully find a more long-term fit, a source said,” Himmelsbach wrote.

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the Giants would sign Pierre-Paul to a long-term deal and maintain one of the league¡¯s best defenses.

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Unfortunately for New York, things are more complicated than that. Both JPP and breakout defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins are hitting free agency, and the Giants ¡ª who don¡¯t have a ton of remaining cap space after spending big last offseason ¡ª will likely lose one or both of the two talented defensive linemen this summer.
Andrew Gachkar Jersey
So the question must be asked: who do the Giants value more? Hankins, the young, talented defensive tackle? Or Pierre-Paul, a talented (albeit 28-year-old) edge rusher whose hand will never have the full functionality it once had before his fireworks accident? Look for the Giants to tag Pierre-Paul if a long-term deal doesn¡¯t get done.

Woolard, an artist and a Crescent City resident for over twenty years — and a die-hard Saints fan — was politically galvanized after Hurricane Katrina, and has dedicated herself to organizing in the years since. It’s not her only job, but it’s one she’s embraced with rare passion.

“All of us who have joined together to push for this cause have other issues we work on every day. This is a project we volunteer on in our spare time,” she told me. “[But] I have come to feel an extreme responsibility to the signers of this petition. I do think it is my job, having started this effort, to stick with it to the end, no matter how long it takes.”

It’s hard to know how long that will be, but she believes that her movement is still gathering momentum.

What was your inspiration for starting this petition — that is, what was the moment when you decided that the NFL’s tax-exemption was unjust enough that you wanted to organize and try to do something about it?

Mike Gundy says the 2015 season’s Ole Miss-Oklahoma State Sugar Bowl wasn’t a ‘level playing field’

The 2015 season’s Sugar Bowl was a romp. Ole Miss and Oklahoma State met in New Orleans, and the Rebels put an utter demolition on the Cowboys. The final score was 48-20, and it was only that close because the Pokes managed a few touchdowns in garbage time. They were down 41-6 at one point.

But now Ole Miss is in a great deal of NCAA trouble, facing 21 compliance allegations, including more than a dozen at the most serious level. An NCAA doomsday could be coming. Ole Miss isn’t contesting several of the allegations.

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy has seized the moment to wonder about what could’ve been 14 months ago.

“We’ll never know what we could have done in the Sugar Bowl if it was a level playing field,” Gundy now says, according to the Tulsa World’s Bill Haisten. “That is the truth. I’m not sure we would have won the Sugar Bowl, but we’ll never know.”


Despite a string of success that includes three straight NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl appearance, reports have indicated that Harbaugh could be coaching his final year with the 49ers amidst conflict with players and management. In regards to the Raiders, Jason La Confora of CBS reported that Oakland is the favorite to attempt a trade for Harbaugh and mentioned the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets as other teams potentially interested in a trade.

For Woodson, his rationale for wanting Harbaugh at Michigan remains unclear. It could be because he doesn’t want to deal with Harbaugh, or it could be because Woodson is 38 and doesn’t see a future with the Raiders beyond this year. In the event that his NFL career is winding down, it makes sense that he might have a deeper allegiance to the Wolverines rather than the team that drafted him out of Michigan.

Woodson played for the Wolverines from 1995-97 and won the Heisman Trophy in his final year. He was selected by the Raiders with the No. 4 overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft and played for the team until 2005 when he joined the Green Bay Packers via free agency in 2006.5

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Report: Giants agree to new deal with Zak DeOssie

The Giants have reached a deal to bring back veteran long snapper Zak DeOssie, the Houston Chronicle reported Friday.

DeOssie would have been a free agent had he not signed before the start of the new league year on March 9. A two-time Pro Bowler, DeOssie has spent his entire 10-year career with the Giants and has only missed four games during that time, all in 2015 due to a wrist injury.

Joe Thuney Youth Jersey Per the report, DeOssie will sign a two-year deal.

Game Coty Sensabaugh Jersey DeOssie, 32, and Eli Manning are the longest-tenured Giants players and the only remaining players from the Giants¡¯ most recent Super Bowl teams. The Giants drafted DeOssie in the fourth round in 2007.

Robinette caught just 35 passes his senior season but they covered 959 yards for an NCAA-best 27.4-yard average , and he had six touchdown receptions. Over his four seasons for the Falcons, he caught 120 passes for 2,697 yards and 18 touchdowns.

A former high school quarterback, he also threw six passes, completing three ¨C all for touchdowns.

He knows he could have gone to another school and put up bigger numbers like Clemson¡¯s Mike Williams or Western Michigan¡¯s Corey Davis. But he said he¡¯s never once regretted choosing Air Force, not even when he caught just 16 passes his freshman year.

¡±I knew I was in the right place despite the stats,¡± said Robinette, who sports an Air Force lightning bolt tattoo on his left bicep. ¡±I¡¯ve never been huge on stats. I just like to play.¡±

Thomas said he wanted to get his coach to New Orleans

Stevens has said he’ll be willing to draw up a play if he’s asked but he’ll otherwise stay out of the players’ way during Sunday’s game. His most difficult task might simply be making sure Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas is happy with his playing time in a reserve role.
Borje Salming Mens Jersey
“When it gets time, I’m going to give him that look I try to give him when we’re on the bench in [TD] Garden,” Thomas joked to reporters at All-Star availability Saturday. “Hopefully, he gives me a few minutes to put on a show for the fans.”

Even when the idea of Stevens coaching the East stars seemed unlikely, Thomas said he wanted to get his coach to New Orleans — and for more than just the selfish reason of being able to lobby for more playing time. Thomas recognizes the significance of having Stevens and his staff in New Orleans.

“It’s very special. It says a lot about the direction our organization is going in,” Thomas said. “I’m just happy for that coaching staff because they deserve it and they work hard.”

Womens Brandon Mashinter Jersey Stevens has repeatedly noted that he would have gladly traded his trip if it could have meant sneaking another one of Boston’s players onto the All-Star roster. Near the end of his marathon 40-minute availability after arriving Friday, Stevens lamented, “I wish [Al Horford] was here. I think he deserves to be here.”

It¡¯s difficult to screw up a pie. You can get some frozen pastry, simply cook some meat or fruit and you¡¯re done. You know what you¡¯re getting every time. Cake has too much wiggle room and too many problems. Too dry, bad frosting ratio, too sweet ¡ª it¡¯s a minefield. Pie is there for you all the time. Bad pie is still good pie, bad cake just ruins birthdays.