Only Tom Brady could turn his worst Super Bowl into his best

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Tom Brady is starting to look the same after every Super Bowl victory.

While accepting his fourth Super Bowl MVP trophy Monday, the Patriots quarterback had that familiar, constant smile on his face. He sported the requisite pullover and jeans that made him look like he walked off the page of a Ralph Lauren ad.

And he’s always in fashion on the field, too. During Sunday’s game, it was impossible to tell whether his team was down 28-3 or about to walk off as Super Bowl 51 champions in a 34-28 win. The fiery competitor is always there. The greatest NFL quarterback of all time never goes away.

That leaves it to Ryan to match Brady drive for drive. So far, few teams have been able to keep up with Ryan in the NFC. The Patriots will do their best to take Jones out of the game, but the Falcons will know this and make sure they get all their other targets involved. Out of the backfield, it’s extremely challenging to slow down both Freeman and Coleman because how well their skill sets are used in the ideal situations.

Atlanta OC Kyle Shanahan, SN’s Coordinator of the Year for 2016, will have utmost confidence he can match wits with New Endland defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. The Falcons will stay in it by avoiding turnovers and consistently scoring.

Game Kids Rod Woodson Jersey The game will likely come down to a few third- and (maybe) fourth-down stops in the red zone. It’s easier to count on the Patriots to come through with those, and that’s why they will win the game by four points.

Dennis Rodman gets 3 years probation in wrong-way driving case

Authentic Womens Francisco Cervelli Jersey Former NBA star Dennis Rodman was sentenced to three years probation Monday after pleading guilty to charges stemming from a wrong-way crash in July.

The Basketball Hall of Famer faced four misdemeanor counts, including hit-and-run, after police said Rodman drove an SUV north in a southbound lane on a California freeway early July 20, forcing a driver in an oncoming BMW to swerve into the center divider. The driver told officers Rodman left the scene without exchanging information.

According to McCourty, attending the White House ceremony is a personal choice.

I can’t imagine a way I go there, he said.

While McCourty and Bennett aren’t the first players to turn down a visit to the White House, their reasoning resonates for many in the United States.

Elite Dede Westbrook Jersey After his presidential victory, Trump has become an even more controversial figure, especially in the wake of his recent executive order restricting travelers from seven predominantly Muslims nations from entering the U.S.

Well, we know for sure Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft will be at the White House — all three men are personal friends of Trump’s.

Mathers is a former Ole Miss transfer who emerged as a dual-value running back this season in his first year as a full-time starter. He’s one of the better receiving backs in the 2017 NFL Draft class.

He offers explosiveness and top-end speed, and he’ll likely be a sub-4.50 40 talent at his eventual Pro Day. While it’s a loaded running back class and we could see upwards of 30 running backs drafted this year (most since 2000), Mathers will have to re-assert himself in that grouping.

Hence, all the balls in the air — many of which sail over the outfield wall.

Schimpf’s fly ball pace appears to be unsustainable, but that’s based solely on the fact that we’ve never seen it before. He only swings at around 20 percent of pitches outside the strike zone, which falls well under the major league average of around 30 percent. The ability to wait for good pitches helps his cause quite a bit, ensuring that he’ll continue to get them — and inevitably hit them in the air.
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So it’s OK if you didn’t see this coming from Adam Wainwright.

You’re not the only one, and the right-hander welcomes the challenge of proving you wrong.

No matter how many times I’m sick and tired of hearing, ‘He’s not what he once was,’ I’ve got to prove it,Wainwright told reporters after blanking Colorado for seven innings — in Colorado, mind you — on May 27 (via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch). You can say it all day long but unless you go out and prove it then it doesn’t really matter, does it? I’m working on it. Working on it. Working on shutting those people up.
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Four starts is a pretty small sample size, of course, but Wainwright has been pretty brilliant in those four starts, folks: 0.34 ERA, 26 1/3 innings, 16 hits, 21 strikeouts. He’s faced 103 batters in this stretch, allowing just 12 singles and four doubles (no homers or triples).

Wainwright shut out the Cubs for seven innings on May 14 to start this run. Then he gave up one run in 6 1/3 against the Giants on May 21. Then came the seven-inning gem in Coors Field against the Rockies on May 27. And Thursday at home, he threw six more shutout innings, against the Dodgers (he also hit a two-run home run in a game the Cardinals won, 2-0). He didn’t just shut down also-rans; three of those teams have legit postseason hopes.

Let’s look at the difference between Wainwright’s first seven starts and his past four starts.

Who’s the perfect general manager for every NFL team?

The Colts finally fired Ryan Grigson this year, and they had a productive offseason and a solid draft. It’s pretty clear letting the orangutan from the zoo make three of those picks was a stroke of brilliance. Just let him run the whole dang team. As an added bonus it will really piss off Mike Mayock.

This one would have leveled the playing field for coaches who are in the mix for promotions with other teams but are still leading their current team through the playoffs. Instead, the rule will stay the same, and a coach won’t be able to reach an agreement with a new team until his team has been eliminated from the postseason.

Harbaugh agrees with O’Brien, and thinks that a 10-minute overtime is plenty of time to determine a sudden-death winner.

“Usually by 10 minutes it seems like everyone’s just trying to survive the last five.”

On the other hand, Saints quarterback Drew Brees isn’t as convinced.

“From what I see I would disagree with it because I think more games are going to end in ties now,” Brees said on The Dan Patrick Show. “That additional five minutes, especially with the way the rules changed, to where in essence both teams get a possession, right? Unless somebody goes down and scores a touchdown right away. So I think what we already saw with the new rules of, if a field goal can’t win it on the first possession, I think we’ve seen more ties.”

Instead, Brees is a fan of college overtime rules, where both teams get possession of the ball starting at the opponent’s 25-yard line.

“I think you’re reducing the number of plays, it’s exciting for fans, it’s situational football,” he said.

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Rams and Chargers’ new stadium opening delayed until 2020 due to record-setting rain

The opening for the future home of the Rams and Chargers in Inglewood, Calif. has been delayed from 2019 to 2020, the developers announced on Thursday.
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The idea of a flag football league featuring players with actual NFL experience was very appealing to Lewis, and for good reason.

Elliott, 21, has had some remarkably bad luck with cars and was involved in a fender bender just a few months ago before the Cowboys’ playoff matchup with the Green Bay Packers. Four days after the accident, Elliott rushed for 125 yards in a losing effort against the Packers.

Tom Brady’s so convinced he’s not going to be cursed by the Madden cover that he’s smashing mirrors and walking under ladders.

Patriots fans may be a little sensitive to the curse, though. Rob Gronkowski was on the cover a year ago and he struggled through injuries in 2016, eventually landing on injured reserve due to a back injury that required surgery to repair. New England went on to win Super Bowl 51, but the tight end watched from the sideline.

Losing Brady would be a much bigger deal.
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The quarterback turns 40 in August. That puts him on the fast track for a career decline. Most passers’ time in the NFL ended before that age, and only Brett Favre, Warren Moon, and Vinny Testaverde started at least eight games after reaching their 40s.

Brady insists his time in the NFL isn’t coming to an end too soon, and he’ll now have to traverse the Madden curse to keep that promise.

Caleb Brantley in the clear after assault charge dismissed

The assault charge facing Browns rookie Caleb Brantley following an altercation with a woman in Florida last month has been dismissed, according to’s Mary Kay Cabot.

Authentic Mens Alex Lewis Jersey The Browns released a statement on behalf of Brantley.

I’m grateful for today’s ruling, Brantley’s statement read. I won’t take the opportunity the Browns have given me for granted and now I can shift all my focus to working hard to make this football team while also showing my teammates, coaches, the organization and this community the type of person I really am.

So he tells me thank you so much, and that God put me in his life for a reason, Boston said, via Eric D. Williams of ESPN. And in my mind I’m saying, you’re here for a reason, too. So in my mind I’m saying should I ask him, ‘L.A. or Buffalo.’ And before I could ask him, my man told me, ‘Thank you so much. There aren’t too many people like you in this world, God’s children. My name’s Mike Daniels, but people call me L.A.’
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It was Daniels’ nickname that made Boston’s path forward clear. Boston saw the chance encounter as a sign that God was directing him to the Chargers.

At the end of the day, God told me to come here, Boston said. And I’m a man of faith, so I couldn’t go against his word.

Boston had 53 tackles, two sacks, and two interceptions with the Panthers last season before being cut to save some cap space. He signed a one-year deal with the Chargers and will compete with Dwight Lowery for the starting free safety role.

The Braves probably aren’t going to be a winning team this season

The Braves probably aren’t going to be a winning team this season, but that shouldn’t take attention away from what Freeman has done and is doing. (For the record, he was my preseason pick to win the NL MVP. See proof here and here.)

If all goes according to plan, winning will return to Atlanta soon enough. That could coincide with Freeman’s absolute peak, which, given his numbers last season and so far this season, could be quite the impressive showing. Attention will surely come then. But Freeman also deserves a lot now.

Authentic Youth Warren Moon Jersey Not that there aren’t or won’t be others deserving of MVP talk. Bryce Harper, for one, is already making a big statement with the bat. There will be others as the weather warms. Maybe Arenado or Votto. Maybe reigning MVP Kris Bryant. Maybe someone else. It’s early. I get it.
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The skid: Haven’t been to the World Series since 1988

Need to know: It’s not that the Dodgers have lacked October opportunities. They’ve made the postseason 10 times since that stunning 1988 title (hi, Kirk Gibson!), including each of the past four seasons (and they should make it five in a row in 2017). No, their story has more been about a struggle to win during the playoffs. In those 10 trips, they’ve won just four of 14 series, with an anemic overall record of 23-37. As a team, L.A. has a combined 4.43 ERA in the postseason, and has batted just .244 with a .693 OPS at the plate. Yikes.

Both Browns and Patriots blew it with lack of Jimmy Garoppolo trade on draft day

I always laugh when grades are issued immediately following NFL Drafts. The reality is draft selections can’t be truly evaluated until two or three years down the road.

Many draft analysts have given Cleveland an “A” for last week’s draft selections. Sorry, I’m not buying into the Browns hype.

Yes, the Browns added some likely starters and potentially strong contributors in their three first-rounders, Myles Garrett, Jabrill Peppers and David Njoku. But what about the franchise quarterback the team has lacked for decades? It’s a stretch to believe DeShone Kizer, who the Browns picked No. 52 overall, will be an elite passer.

Some thought Davis would last on the board a little longer, but Tennessee, which desperately needed a complete No. 1 receiver for Marcus Mariota, didn’t waste time and picked him with its higher of two first-round picks. The Titans ranked 25th in passing yards last season, with tight end Delanie Walker and wide receiver Rishard Matthews tying for a team-high 65 receptions. Although that duo combined for 16 touchdowns, neither hit 1,000 receiving yards.

So there’s a big production void for Davis as the league’s No. 3 rushing team tries to open up more with Mariota and become a little more balanced. Breaking 1,000 yards with eight or so scores would be similar to Allen’s rookie numbers, but Davis would likely need to do much more to trump Watson and the top backs. If healthy, he can’t be ruled out from doing so.

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Bird is not the only New Yorker who has forgotten how to hit.

Game Womens Loui Eriksson Jersey Greg Bird was a world-beater this spring, blasting eight home runs and hitting .451 in 23 games for the Yankees. That hasn’t translated into the regular season. Bird is batting .107 with only four extra-base hits (one homer) in 18 games. Yikes.

Bird is not the only New Yorker who has forgotten how to hit. Over in Queens, Curtis Granderson ended the month with a .128 batting average and .395 OPS, with 21 strikeouts and only five walks. Teammate Jose Reyes hasn’t been much better, managing just a .174 average.

Rockies lefty Tyler Anderson has MLB’s worst ERA (among qualified pitchers), with an ugly 7.71 mark after he posted a 3.54 ERA in 19 starts last year as a rookie. And it’s not just a Coors Field thing, either; four of his six starts have been on the road and seven of the nine homers he’s allowed have been away from Denver. Only Jered Weaver has given up more home runs (10).

The Mets, meanwhile, had an opportunity to return to the World Series last year and really capture the city’s heart. Those damned, cursed Mets were about to break through. It was a blue-collar team for a blue-collar city. No more A-Rod and his love interests, no more talk of the $200 million-plus payroll on sports radio, no more obnoxious fans commenting 27! on online articles. Just a team of lunchpail guys scrapping and clawing and swagging their way to the top in Gotham.

Game Womens Tony Gonzalez Jersey Instead, the Mets lost the NL wild-card game vs. the Giants and went spiraling into another offseason of uncertainty. The front office answered some of the questions. The no-brainer re-signing of Yoenis Cespedes seemed more of a Hey, look, we’re trying! move than a legitimate roster upgrade that would keep the fans happy. Remember, it wasn’t until the Nats pursued Cespedes that discussions with the Mets really started to pick up steam.

Vin Scully, voice still golden, talks yesterday and tomorrow on night Dodgers honor him

It was story time again Wednesday at Dodger Stadium. Vin Scully was in the park.

He wasn’t sitting in the booth named in his honor, but rather at a table inside the stadium, regaling reporters with tales from his 67-year career as the voice of the Dodgers. He was back because the Dodgers were about to induct him into the franchise’s Ring of Honor.
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In his Hall of Fame style, he shared his memories of the Dodgers legends he’s joining in that ring. To him, those aren’t just uniform numbers he sees; they’re his Boys of Spring, Summer and Fall, expanding on the title of author Roger Kahn’s classic book about the 1950s Dodgers. He had a front-row seat to their greatness.

Gossage: Bull—! … That’s postseason. He never did it … Very seldom in the (bleeping) regular season.

Gossage continued, Don’t compare me to Mo or what they do today. They’re one-inning guys. I take exception to that. Don’t even (bleeping) put me … closer wasn’t even a coined phrase.

Gossage also shared his disdain for the way he says pitchers are babied today with pitch counts and specific roles.

And don’t even get him started on how today’s general managers rely on sabremetrics.

And they won their rotisserie leagues at (bleeping) Harvard and all these (bleeping) Ivy League schools, and that’s all it is, Gossage said. And they think they’re (bleeping) general managers!
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It’s not the first time Gossage has ranted about the state of today’s game. As long as there are reporters with copy to file and down time in spring training, it probably won’t be the last.

Scully harbors no such fantasy.