With the Browns and Giants spearheading a league-wide crackdown on leaks ahead of the 2018 NFL Draft, reporters have struggled to get a feel for how the top of the draft will play out.

Still, given the Bills’ hunger for a top quarterback, the coveted talent in the back half of the top 10 and other known nuggets of information, we have plenty to piece together in predicting the results of Round 1. All eyes of course will be on the quarterbacks early.

Schoenfield: I’ll go with 48.

Doolittle: Let’s go with 46. He’s been good for 44 homers per 162 games for his career, and we’ll bump him up a couple for Yankee Stadium. He’s no Teoscar Hernandez, but his exit velocity remains among the elite. With Stanton, the only questions have been about health. He seems healthy, which means lots and lots of dingers to come.

Shohei Ohtani has a 4.43 ERA and .997 OPS. How close to those two numbers will he finish the season?

The Dodgers, Nats and Cubs have all started slower than expected. Which team are you most concerned about?

Schoenfield: The Nationals have played some lackluster baseball to start the season, and the early return feels like they’re missing something. Maybe they miss Dusty Baker. Anyway, they’ve had injuries, but the bullpen has been terrible (1-6, 5.50 ERA), and they need somebody besides Bryce Harper to produce on offense. The biggest concern, however, is that the Mets, Phillies and Braves all look much better than in 2017.

Doolittle: I’m not really concerned about the Dodgers or Cubs, so it’s the Nationals by default. They are like Carl Lewis trying to stave off Michael Johnson and Mike Powell in about 1991 — still the best, but probably not for long. Washington can hope for better health, but their lackluster start has illustrated a general lack of organizational depth. With the Mets’ pitching and the rapid ascension of Philadelphia and Atlanta, the NL East is shaping up as a dogfight.