Field Yates, NFL Insider: Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota has shown a resilience — despite the Week 14 result — throughout the season that is difficult to ignore. The Vikings’ offensive line has been dramatically improved this year and if it gets back to full health down the stretch should further fortify the running game. I also still believe Philadelphia has a strong enough roster to make a deep postseason run.

Reid didn’t make the full-time move until two seasons later, when he traded McNabb to Washington and went with Kolb (who got injured almost immediately and ushered in Michael Vick’s return). It took that much for Reid to make the switch. But he did it.

He doesn’t have nearly that long a history with Smith in Kansas City, and he has shown no signs of having soured on Mahomes as the quarterback of the future.

“I don’t know if ‘surprised’ is the right word,” Korver said. “Disappointed, for sure, you know. But tomorrow is another game.”

Cleveland scored just 39 points total in the second half, accounting for its lowest-scoring half of the season.

First, the Cardinals would want to have him back after what will likely be a second straight year without a postseason appearance. While that seems likely considering his track record of success and the mitigating impact injuries had on this year’s squad, Arians said he will initially confer with his wife, Christine, before making his own plans for 2018.nike_redskins_3052