The Colts finally fired Ryan Grigson this year, and they had a productive offseason and a solid draft. It’s pretty clear letting the orangutan from the zoo make three of those picks was a stroke of brilliance. Just let him run the whole dang team. As an added bonus it will really piss off Mike Mayock.

This one would have leveled the playing field for coaches who are in the mix for promotions with other teams but are still leading their current team through the playoffs. Instead, the rule will stay the same, and a coach won’t be able to reach an agreement with a new team until his team has been eliminated from the postseason.

Harbaugh agrees with O’Brien, and thinks that a 10-minute overtime is plenty of time to determine a sudden-death winner.

“Usually by 10 minutes it seems like everyone’s just trying to survive the last five.”

On the other hand, Saints quarterback Drew Brees isn’t as convinced.

“From what I see I would disagree with it because I think more games are going to end in ties now,” Brees said on The Dan Patrick Show. “That additional five minutes, especially with the way the rules changed, to where in essence both teams get a possession, right? Unless somebody goes down and scores a touchdown right away. So I think what we already saw with the new rules of, if a field goal can’t win it on the first possession, I think we’ve seen more ties.”

Instead, Brees is a fan of college overtime rules, where both teams get possession of the ball starting at the opponent’s 25-yard line.

“I think you’re reducing the number of plays, it’s exciting for fans, it’s situational football,” he said.